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Driven by greed, gambling and trouble in her marriage, Melanie (the congressman's wife) in one of her trips to Vegas met a mafia guy by the name Dino, (very spoiled guy for being little brother of the wright hand man of the god father).
She offered Dino five millions to kill her husband, unfortunately when Dino's friend found out that the contract is actually on a congressman, he didn't bother machining it to the god father and turned down the contract immediately. Dino got upset end up taking the contract for him self.  Without informing any body Dino sub-contracted a little Chinese Mafia to do the job. John (assistant FBI chief who had interest in Melanie and her husband's money) drown up the plan for the assassination and how to frame the emigrant (Morade) who was brought up to United States and his wife by Melanie in one of her trips to Morocco to work in her house as a pool cleaner.

After the assassination of the congressman the incident went global and got worldwide media attention. The Moroccan government, concerned about their image, want to help in the investigation, they got informed by John’s office to send one of their agents whose knowledgeable in Islamic religion to help them understand what pushes this terrorist to attack Americans. John made sure that David (a Jew rabbi who was working as an inspector in the district where the murder happened) gets the case.

For the corrupted FBI agent to be able to send the convict to GUANTANAMO DETENTION and not hear from him anymore is to convince everyone that whatever happened to the congressman was an al-Qaida Terrorist Organization attack and the only objective the Moroccan immigrant had in his mind before coming to the United States was to kill an important government official.

Melanie and John though that their conspiracy was a success when The congressman’s cousin (LANDEL), a retired General, shows up to his funeral, didn’t believe his cousin’s murder was in anyway connected to any terrorist attack and some one else was behind it. After all the doors got closed front off the KARIM (The Moroccan investigator) and David they get hires by the congressman's cousin to investigate under his command.

After the court granted bail to Morale a wide range of hits to kill Morade was stirred up. Neither the Chinese mafia nor the Italian after they found out that they could be dragged into the investigation  started a war between them, And the two agents (the Muslim and the Jew) who were contracted to keep the guy alive until the court date…. went on a dangerous adventure.     something interesting about your business here.

Once Before

  The Montagne in north east of Africa has known wars between the Berbers and the Spanish colony for years. duiring one of their attacks against the Berbers, the general's daughter who were left under the protection of the commander ends up been captured. In their way of taking her to their village she fell in love with Said one of the Berber captain, when they got to the village and after trying to convenes the leathers of the tribe to keep Suzan, they refused and asked him to either release her or take her and leave the village. His two brothers took him to Tangier to an Indian sailor to take him to South America, (Florida) . Said and Suzan arrived to Stone Village where they found another war raging between the Indians and cowboys. Said end up loosing Suzan who got killed by the Mayer’s son. For the Mayer to protect his son he contracted outlaws to kill Said, the town's sheriff teamed up with Said and his two brothers, who come for a visit, against the outlaws and the Mayer of the city.   something exciting your business offers? Say it here.


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